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Cable Machine Circuit Workout – Surf Training

Full Body Surf Training – Complete Workout  I’ve said this before, and will once again reiterate.  The human body is designed to move. Run, swing your arms, spin, jump, bend…. movement.  These actions require interactions of muscles throughout your body, …Read more

Surf Fitness PopUp Training

Learn How To Do A Pushup… Then PopUp Surf-Fitness is all about building a stronger body so you can do what makes you happy in life, and do it better… surfing.  Your surf fitness training had better have some type …Read more

Surf Moms – Warmup & Exercise

Surfing Mums Yeah, I realise that it’s spelled with an “o”, but that’s how they spell it!  Last week I gave a talk to a group of surf mommas from Dee Why.  They’ve got a great group of ladies still …Read more

Strong Legs Strong Core SuperSet

Stronger Legs-Stronger Core-Stronger Surfing I’m all about supersets…   essentially combining exercises that focus on different muscle groups.  This is just really time effective and allows for a greater energy expenditure, so you’re not only getting a good workout and getting …Read more

Surf Shoulder Exercises

Surf.. Shoulders.. Exercises.. Do em’! Paddle… hurts… Paddle… hurts… Paddle…. hurts……  You need Shoulder Clocks That is not a fun way to surf.  I’ve personally gotten so enormously pissed off at my shoulders before while surfing that if they were …Read more

Top Surf Exercises – Full Body Moves

Full Body Surf Exercises – Muscle Isolation is NOT the answer Boys and Girls…  you’re surfers, you move dynamically, you need flexibility, you need to be strong, you need to be highly coordinated, but like I said at first, you …Read more

Balance & Core Superset

2 Movements… You Should Do Them! Some essential basics for being able to surf are a functionally strong and pain free core, and the ability to balance on an unstable surface.  So train to get better at those physical requirements!! …Read more

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