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Shoulder Radness..Surfing Shoulder Training

Surf Shoulders… Keep em’ Strong.  Clearly, if your shoulders aren’t moving well, cause you pain, or are out of optimal alignment, then your surfing is going to be a pain in the shoulder!!  (hahaha… get it, “pain in the shoulder”, …Read more

TRX Surf Workout – Suspension Trainer

TRX Surf Workout – Get Some Straps Oooooooohhhhh!!!  Workout straps.  Suspension training is all the rage in some training facilities, with some people doing some damn silly stuff on them.  But in all seriousness, get some workout straps, they’re great …Read more

Integrative Core Training.. Pushes and Pulls

Surfer Core Training.. Pushes and Pulls Baby! I’ve been doing some work with and this is a new piece I just did for them.  Integrative core training that focuses on dynamic movements… pushes and pulls.  Sweet sweet exercise goodness. So …Read more

What is Surf Fitness Training

Surf Fitness Training – What the Fu&* is it? The “field” of surf-fitness training has jumped enormously over the past few years.  You’ll find quite a few dvd’s now, some pros have some fitness flicks out, there’s a few guys …Read more

My Top Back Pain Relief Tricks

Back Pain Sucks and Ruins Surfing I’ve had some gnarly stuff with my back over the years, and I see some gnarly back stuff with clients.  Back pain and surfing don’t mix.  There is so much dynamic spinal movement in …Read more

Get Rid of Knee Pain

If your Knee Hurts… Your Surfing Hurts What this article will not be is an anatomy lesson.  What it will be is a few simple things for you to start doing if you’ve got some knee funk…. cause knee funk …Read more

Surfing Endurance Training

Jumprope Circuits – Surfing Endurance Endurance, I need some more of it.  This last weekend was really my first time back in the surf (some solid waves too 4-6foot) in about 2.5 months.  I had been out of the water …Read more

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