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Category : Core / Rotation

How to Improve Your Pop Up

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR POP UP – EXERCISE FOUNDATIONS If you can get to your feet quickly, and with no real faults, you’ve probably never actually considered what it takes to get to your feet, or how to improve your …Read more

Core Training for Surfers-High Performance Foundations

 Foundations of Core Training for Surfers- Basics before High Performance Core Training!!!……   get some ripped abs!!!…  Aagggghhhh! Yeah, maybe you’ll get some abs, but what you should focus on is spinal stability and pelvic control, and then progressing into …Read more

How To Improve Your Pop Up.. Surf Training

Surf Training – Pop Ups – Core & Upper Body Do you think your Pop-Ups could be faster?  They probably could be, especially if you’re surfing some faster “reefy” type waves, or even if you’re just starting out and getting …Read more

TRX Surf Workout – Suspension Trainer

TRX Surf Workout – Get Some Straps Oooooooohhhhh!!!  Workout straps.  Suspension training is all the rage in some training facilities, with some people doing some damn silly stuff on them.  But in all seriousness, get some workout straps, they’re great …Read more

Integrative Core Training.. Pushes and Pulls

Surfer Core Training.. Pushes and Pulls Baby! I’ve been doing some work with and this is a new piece I just did for them.  Integrative core training that focuses on dynamic movements… pushes and pulls.  Sweet sweet exercise goodness. So …Read more

Cable Machine Circuit Workout – Surf Training

Full Body Surf Training – Complete Workout  I’ve said this before, and will once again reiterate.  The human body is designed to move. Run, swing your arms, spin, jump, bend…. movement.  These actions require interactions of muscles throughout your body, …Read more

Surf Fitness PopUp Training

Learn How To Do A Pushup… Then PopUp Surf-Fitness is all about building a stronger body so you can do what makes you happy in life, and do it better… surfing.  Your surf fitness training had better have some type …Read more

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